Liquidation of insured accidents

Ilustrační foto LAPA provides a complex offer of services while handling and liquidating of insured events. The company executes independent documentations of losses and needed inspections, minutes taking and negotiations with the damaged party included. The company takes steps to determinate the cause of a loss, to calculate the amount of a loss and to consider the event in relation to the policy and insurance clauses.

In the case of a business interruption loss LAPA recommends optimal steps to prevent or minimize consequential losses to the party (effective expenditure of additional costs, recommendation of a technologic or technical character, determination of a critical way etc.). To reach this ability the company uses both its good knowledge of the local environment and market and the collaboration with top experts in different fields of knowledge.

The employees of the company appreciate the responsibility they have and therefore they try to find an optimal solution in every moment of the liquidation of a loss event procedure.

A concrete member of LAPA team works on a claimed loss. He has the role of loss adjuster and he is observed and collaborates with the senior loss adjuster. A standard process of solving a loss is guaranteed in this way as well as the two-level check of work and results of investigation.

In cases of extent loss events a loss adjuster sets together a team of experts from different fields of knowledge, which solves the subject loss event or answers stated questions. An expert report is a result of the work of LAPA team. It summarizes all information gained during the investigation and gives an overall report about the results of the investigation.

The Company solves in particular:

  • Damages caused by natural forces (fires, floods, lightning, etc.).
  • Damages to machines and equipment, technological units, all-risk insurance.
  • Losses on transportation and losses on motor vehicles.
  • Damages caused by business interruption or restriction.
  • Damages from building and assembly risk insurance.
  • Losses to goods and inventories, losses of real estate property.
  • Damages to farming machinery and food-manufacturing machines and equipments.
  • Damages to crops and agricultural plantations.
  • Damages due to food quality degradation or food contamination.
  • Damages from household insurance, insurance of family houses and other immovable.
  • Environmental losses and ecological accidents.
  • Damages from liability insurance and professional liability.
  • Damages from manufacturer’s liability for product.
  • Damages from insurance of electronic equipment.
  • Losses from insurance of pieces of art and cultural monuments.